An overview of our work

180 Degrees Turn is an independent non-partisan NGO based in Cologne, Germany. Since 2012 we have been strengthening young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds with various educational and counseling services. Our work has already been awarded several times and acts as part of Keepers on a nationwide level.

180 Degrees Turn is committed to empower youth to become successful and to gain prosperity as they shape our common future. The heart of our initiative is an active network of volunteer multipliers, mentors and coaches. By supporting and providing them with guidance, knowledge and trainings, we are continuously turning young people’s life into the better. Our fields of activity include prevention, intervention, mediation, rehabilitation, deradicalisation and empowerment.

Our vision is that each young person will be equally entitled to basic rights, such as freedom of expression, education and social security. All youths should get equal opportunities to use their full potential regardless of their economic and social circumstances. We see it as our duty to support and create a more promising future perspective by helping young people in need.

‘180 Grad Wende’, which means to turn someone’s life around, was accomplished by young international academics with an interdisciplinary background. This initiative was founded in cooperation with the police and municipal authority of Cologne. 

  • Success of our network 85,6% 85,6%
  • Direct support 42% 42%
  • Mediation 58% 58%
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Mentoring With Impact

This special programme taps the full potential of young leaders and involves them into a network of active changemakers. By continuously training and providing future mentors with relevant knowledge, competences and experiences, we assure qualified supporting-systems for young people in need.

Strong Networks

With Keepers we are establishing a sustainable network to support people in need on a nation-wide level. Whether prevention programmes or discussion groups: Keepers are free to launch projects according to the needs of their community. Interested organisations and volunteers are getting support from our coachs.

Wide Reach

Extremism and radicalism are international problems. We are happy to cooperate with the Kofi Annan Foundation on this important issue.  In the frame of Extremely Together, an international network counter fighting extremism, we are involved in peace-building processes world-wide.

Thanks to the valuable tips of the coaches, I have received a long-awaited apprenticeship. Now I support other young people in life-shaping decisions and give something back!


College student

So many sympathetic young people with so much will to the future – they are a big piece of hope for our society. We want the ghost of Cologne to take over the whole country.

Hans-Peter Friedrich

Former Interior Minister

180 degrees is present in many places and convinces the discouraged and doubting ones that their commitment and participation is essential in democratic processes.

Matthias Ferring

Police Contact Officer NRW