Peer-to-Peer network – Network of multipliers for democracy

180-degree turn multipliers take on responsibility for themselves and the society they live in. A training concept consisting of seven different modules prepares multipliers for their task. Experienced trainers, partners from our networks and the police offer trainings on civil courage, democracy and law, de-escalation and drug prevention. This knowledge and the learned skills contributes to the personal and professional development of the multipliers.


The coaches and the “help desk” in our office facilitate contact and access to existing support systems.


Modul 1 – De-escalation and Coolness-Training

Modul 2 – Drugs and Addiction

Modul 3 – Democracy and Law

Modul 4 – Civil Courage

Modul 5 – Group-focused Enmity/Misanthropy

Modul 6 – Job Orientation

  • Participation in activities in the districts
  • Workshop for specific individual situations
  • P.A.R.T.Y – Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth
  • How to handle drug addicts
  • Empowering young people by taking on responsibility
  • Raising awareness among young people about challenges in their social environment
  • Strengthening a sense of community
  • Multiplying ideas, competencies and commitment
  • Establishing a peer-to-peer support network

Trained Multipliers

Young people supported